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1. Influence of Lansoprazole on Anti-diabetic Effect of Pioglitazone in Normal Rats, Diabetic Rats and Normal Rabbits.
Suresh D. K, Loya P. J, Kature D. V, Gopala krishna C. H, Khalid M. D, Jyoti G. J.
The present study was carried out to evaluate the drug-drug interaction between anti-diabetic drug and anti-ulcer drug. Interaction of pioglitazone, thiazolidinedione anti-diabetic drug with lansoprazole (anti-ulcer drug) was evaluated in normal, streptozotocin induced diabetic rats and in normal rabbits. The blood samples were collected from normal, diabetic rats and in normal rabbits at different time interval upto 24hrs and blood glucose was estimated by GOD/POD method. Lansoprazole (30mg/kg p.o.) pretreatment has significantly enhance the peak hypoglycemic effect from 49.88 ± 2.90% to 58.75 ± 1.43% in normal rats and significantly enhanced the peak anti-diabetic effect from 52.40 ± 1.37% to 64.33 ± 1.69% in diabetic rats. Similarly pretreatment with lansoprazole (100mg/kg p.o.) has also significantly enhance the peak hypoglycemic effect from 35.89 ± 1.91% to 45.31 ± 0.56%. Duration of anti-diabetic effect was raised from more than 24hrs. this study indicates that therapeutic drug monitoring has to be required to re-adjust the therapeutic dose of lansoprazole and pioglitazone
when they are used concomitantly.

2. Phytochemical Investigation and Anti-inflammatory Activity of Salacia reticulate
J.Ramamoorthy,  Vanathy, R.Meera, S.Venkataraman, P. Devi , N. Chidambaranathan
Salacia Reticulata is found in Southern India and Sri Lanka. Rare in evergreen forests of Western Ghats. Salacia Reticulata is a climbing shrub with blackish branches found in southern orissa and kerala. It has Salanisol as active principle for diabetic treatment. About 18 species of Salacia grow in India.

3. Enhancement of Cutaneous Wound Healing by Ethanolic Extract of Luffa cylindrica linn.Leaf and Flower in Wistar rat model
U. M. Dhanalekshmi, G. Poovi, Narra Kishore, M. D. Raja, P. Neelakanta Reddy.
Aim of study: To explore the wound healing effects of crude ethanolic extract prepared from Luffa cylindrica Linn., leaf and flower.  Material and methods: In a bid to test the wound healing effect of a crude ethanolic extract of Luffa Cylindrica, 24 animals were divided into four groups of six animals each representing control and experimental groups. Each animal had a 2cm x 2cm area of skin on the right dorsolateral flank area marked and excised. The resulting area of skin wound in the experimental group was dressed with crude ethanolic extract while the animals in the control group were dressed with normal saline. The wound area was measured at the fourth, eighth, twelfth; sixteenth post-operative day for animals in both groups and the percentage wound contraction calculated. Sample of granulation tissues and end scar obtained from these animals were used for biochemical and histopathological studies. Results: The result showed a significant increase in the percentage wound contraction at day 10 in the experimental group compared with the control. The wound of animals in both groups showed excellent granulation tissue formation and minimal signs of wound infection. Conclusion: It was concluded that flower extract has a better wound healing enhancing action compared with leaf extract. But leaf shows better effect when compared with normal saline treated controls. This study provides a rationale for the topical application of plant extract as a feasible and productive approach to support dermal wound healing.

4. Hepatoprotective activity of Capparis decidua on liver damage caused by thioacetamide in Wistar male Rats
Mahesh K. Jhajharia, Sunil K Agarwal, B. Srivastava
The ethanol extract of Capparis decidua has been evaluated for possible hepatoprotective activity using several experimental animal models. The ethanol extract showed significant hepatoprotective activity at the dose levels examined.The ethanol extract at dose of 600 mg/kg showed significant decrease the hepatic enzymes e.a. SGPT, SGOT, Bilirubin and ALP as compaired to standard drug silymarin 100 mg/kg

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